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MangaDedenne has started a donation pool!
1,650 / 3,000
Thank you for any donation you make :heart:

I am going to use points both to help people and get llamas (and doing this other people will receive my points as well ^^)

Donate here also if you are buying something from me for PKMNation :D


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  • Listening to: kpop and an Italian rapper
  • Reading: D-Gray Man
  • Watching: Princess Tutu
  • Playing: X, ORAS and Rumble World
  • Eating: finally italian food again!
For :iconpkmnation: members only!

I have a lot of open clutches >///< and I have updated the prices in some of them :) please have a look here, this babies need a warm home!

PKMNation - some clutches OPEN by MangaDedenne
A2: Female Seel/Deerling OPEN 130 points
A3+A8: Draw on demand, 2 Seel, a Male and a Female FREE
A4: Male Ralts/Seel - love him so much! OPEN 200 points
A5: Male Ralts Grass/Flying fusion OPEN 150 points
A6: Female Seel Flying Fusion OPEN 130 points
B1: Female Deino/Munna I love this one so much! If no one buys her for 500 points before October 12th, I'll keep her :) (Smile)
B2: Male Charmander/Drilbur OPEN 150 points
B3: Female Eevee/Charmander OPEN 150 points
B5+B6: Draw on demand, 1 Eevee and 1 Growlithe FREE

PKMNation : some clutches! [OPEN] - specials open! by MangaDedenne
B2: Swablu - Female - OPEN - 5 Points or 2 levels
B3: Swablu - Male - OPEN - 5 Points or 2 levels
C2: Growlithe - Shiny/Water Fusion - Male - OPEN - 200 Points or 100 Points and 15 levels
C3: Growlithe - Morph - Female - OPEN - 150 Points or 75 Points and 10 levels

PKMNation: clutch :D open by MangaDedenne
1. Regular Goldeen, female - OPEN (10 points or 5 levels)

PKMNation - double clutch (OPEN) 1 CYO shiny open! by MangaDedenne
A3 - Male Munna - 10 points or 3 levels
A4 - Male Munna - 10 points or 3 levels
There are also 2 Growlithe and 2 Drilbur in the clutch, both males. I will draw them if someone wants to adopt them, and they go for 10 points or 3 levels as the 2 Munna.
B1 - Male Chingling - 10 points or 3 levels
B3 - Male CYO Shiny Eevee - 100 points or 50 points and 20 levels
There is also a Numel available in this clutch, I will draw it if someone claims it. Also, its gender depends on the choice of the DYO gender. Price will be 10 points or 3 levels.

PKMNation - multiple clutches (1 open) by MangaDedenne
Female Deerling - 10 points or 5 levels

PKMNation - Clutch of Storm and Fire (open) update by MangaDedenne

3)Wooper - male FREE
4)Eevee - female FREE
5)Numel - female FREE

PKMNation - clutch ID 2882 (OPEN) - price update by MangaDedenne
Female Charmander FREE
Female Numel FREE

Journal History


Kanoya Zakura reference by MangaDedenne
Kanoya Zakura reference

Pokemon: Charizard
Special: fusion
Name: Kanoya Zakura
Nickname(s): Zakura, Sakura
Gender: Male
Type: Fire/Dragon/Fairy
Hatch Date: November 20th, 2014
ID Number: 19777
Level: 61
Started Base Attack: 22+4
Current Base Attack: 38
-Scratch (normal) START
-Growl (normal) START
Level Up Log:
-6 levels (reference sheet)
-6 levels ( PKMNation: Clutch 32 [close] )
-17 levels ( Much Levels (payment) )
-5 levels ( ) *via exp share
-7 levels ( ) *via exp share
-6 levels ( PKMNation: quiet nap no more )
-14 levels ( PKMNation: evolving Zakura and Mars, PKMNation: Kanoya Zakura )

Levels from this pic: 6 (FB + SH+BG)


Mom: Stay by Your Side
Dad: PKMNation: Lord Kanaloa
Breeding status:  Bullet; Green open

Evolution info: n/a

Zakura is a strong and protective 'mon. She protects justice and honor.
PKMNation .::The Gala::. by MangaDedenne
PKMNation .::The Gala::.

I triedd a new drawing style for this event! I am happy of what came out, but I realize there is much work to do...

Grey Chess attended the Gala, dancing a lot! She is not dressed up because her brother Sparking Tune wanted to dress her up as a queen, and she thought it was inappropriate, but as she is a Ghost she thought it's even better that a costume!! Hope none will be angry for this :) (6 levels)
PKMNation - Loads of babies clutch (Auction OPEN) by MangaDedenne
PKMNation - Loads of babies clutch (Auction OPEN)

Yeah I had a lot of babies to draw (and not yet finished to draw my clutches TT.TT)

Hope they will all find a warm home <3

Clutch number: 4581
BA: 28
Parents: &

Female Vulpix/Dratini cross Ghost fusion

DYO from this clutch: PKMNation - some clutches
Design: KerberosTem

Owner: Reki-Kun (new account Ignis-Abyssus-Ranch )

Clutch number: 4649
BA: 8
Parents: &

1. Male Duskull/Chingling/Yamask cross
Price: 150 :points:

2. Female Yamask/Chingling cross
Owner: Mine!

Clutch number: 4708
BA: 14
Parents: Pkmnation:: A'sydna & Poseidon reference

1. Female Ralts/Goldeen cross
Price: 350 :points: (if not purchased before 10/18 she'll be mine!)

2. Female Shiny and Morph Eevee
Price: 180 :points:

3. Female Charmander
FREE to a good home

Clutch number: 4788
BA: 13

1. Female Eevee/Bunnelby Shiny cross
Price: 200 :points:

2. DoD Male Bunnelby
FREE to a good home

:pokeball: Auction rules :pokeball:

-Bid only using the bidding comment and replying to the person you are outbidding. If you don't follow this simple rule, your bid will be ignored!
-You can only bid points this time! I am so out of points TT.TT

SB: 150 :points:
MI: 10:points:
AB: 650 :points: (high to encourage bidding! and dreaming is not illegal yet )
  • Listening to: kpop and an Italian rapper
  • Reading: D-Gray Man
  • Watching: Princess Tutu
  • Playing: X, ORAS and Rumble World
  • Eating: finally italian food again!
For :iconpkmnation: members only!

I want to use this journal to record all the breedings I have to do. Feel free and ask me a breeding whenever you want :)
If the Pokemon you want to breed with is stated as "needs levels", just ask me, and I'll try to level it soon!

The rules are always the same, split the clutch, and so on... ^^ Also, if you have particular needs we can decide to do in a different way, each clutch is different so I don't feel like expressing a general rule ^^;

Where to find my Pokemon: PKMNation :: MangaDedenne
:heart: Breeding Spots :heart:

-Week 10/4 - 10/10
Breedings I send:
CLOSED (own breeding Steeled Moon x Annika Sky Bloom )
CLOSED ( crunchbite101 Opal x Yuu Heat Soul )
CLOSED ( Orion-Starshine Vyse x Electric Shock )
Breedings other send:
CLOSED ( Manukiwi Green Tea x After the Rain )
CLOSED ( dratimeg A'sydna x Poseidon )
CLOSED (own breeding Steeled MoonAnnika Sky Bloom reference )

-Week 10/11 - 10/17
Breedings I send:
Breedings other send:

-Week 10/18 - 10/24
Breedings I send:
Breedings other send:

:pokeball: Wishlist :pokeball:
:star: = priority
Half Star = I'm working on it

:star: Traited Ralts *3* (I'll be providing the Ralts side, so feel free to offer ANYHING!!! *3* )

:star: Traited Eevee (as for Ralts, I'll provide the Eevee side :) )

Half Star Male Shiny Furfrou (I'll NOT be provinding the Furfrou side! I want him to pair with my own Furfrou, and I don't want inbreedings, so I will offer another Shiny Pokemon of mine)

Half Star Rarity Ralts ( DDRanch just to ask you the week you want to breed in, to mark it down on this journal )

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